Exhibitions Currently In Progress…

Tate Liverpool, Comparing Tracey Emin & William  Blake

A thought provoking juxtaposition of work from Tracey Emin and William Blake, (1757 – 1827) the brilliantly creative painter, and poet, way ahead of his time, who perhaps shared strong passions on liberality, spirituality and life.

Tate Liverpool

16 September 2016 – 3 September 2017

10am – 17.50 Monday – Sunday




The Print Maker’s American Dream

The British Museum has an exhibition of outstanding printmaking from the 1960s US to the present day, including work by Andy Warhol.  The exhibition covers a range of US history from the Vietnam War and the assassination of Kennedy,  to slave ships.  I haven’t been yet but the reviewers describe this exhibition as “Vivid”.

British Museum

9 March – 18 June

10am – 4pm (8.30pm Fridays)

£16.50 (Less for concessions)

Great Art From America Between The 1929 Wall Street Crash & America’s 1941 Entry into WW II

The 1930s were  hard years in the US, but delivered some great art.

Royal Academy

25 Jan – 4 June

Sat – Thurs 10am-6pm & Fridays 10am – 10pm




London – James Ensor

James Ensor was a Belgian artist who with almost obsessive loyalty lived and worked in Ostend. Not surprisingly, he was and is less well known than he might have otherwise been. He became embittered. His emotional and mental state is perhaps reflected in his work. His mother rang a curiosity  shop. He painted the masks and ceramics – stocked in his mother’s shop -on people, very vividly. The resulting paintings are striking.

29 Oct – 29 Jan 2017

Royal Academy, London

Saturday – Thursday 10am – 6pm
Friday 10am – 10pm



Tel: 020 7300 8000

Margate  – The Turner Contemporary ‘Adventures In Colour’ – JMW Turner

8 Oct – 8 Jan 2017

Tuesday – Sunday 10am To 6pm  FREE Entry

A Fabulous and Extensive Exhibition In A Modern Gallery Overlooking The Margate Coast

Turner Contemporary
Margate CT9 1HG
Tel: + 44 (0)1843 233 000
Fax: + 44 (0)1843 233 029
Email: info@turnercontemporary.org