The Curiosity Gallery In The First Snow Of Winter 2017. Snowing In St Ives 10.2.17. I Was Working Inside When It Began To Snow For The First Time This Winter. I Just Had To Dash Outside With My Camera And Take A Picture. Moments Later There Was A Mini Snow Blizzard Outside. The Curiosity Galllery Was Full, So I Wasn't Able To Go Out To Take The Photo' I Wanted Of The Curiosity Gallery In A Snow Blizzard. I'm Hoping For More Snow Soon!So, what about The Curiosity Gallery?

On the high street in the town where we lived used to be a selection of individual shops where you could buy something out of the ordinary:  a dress to wear that made you feel exotic and exciting , an odd plumbing fitting for fixing the leaking sink, or a funny and different birthday card that almost no one would have seen before. So many of these quirky, interesting little shops have disappeared.  So, being dreamers and living in the charming town of St Ives, we opened The Curiosity Gallery.

At The Curiosity Gallery we mix  art and pottery, and glass and interesting arty delights with the quirkiest cards we could find. We now have lots of unusual cards and we just can’t stop looking for more really, really different ones. We should have gone bust almost straight away, but there are lots of  people just like us who visit The Curiosity Gallery because they love something different.

And there’s our framing service too. Right now, it’s best to pop in and see us about framing. Watch this space though, we’re planning an online framing service soon.

For us it is great fun finding treasures we can offer in the shop.  For our customers it is fabulous to find treasures for friends, family and home. We haven’t put all of our treasures on this website because we’re not such great photographers but we hope you will like what you see and if you’re in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, come and see us. We’d love to meet you!


Opening Hours 9 – 5 Monday to Saturday.


Postcode: PE27 5AL

Location: 14 Market Hill, St Ives Cambs

Directions: We are in the town centre,  opposite Boots                       Visit The Curiosity Gallery