The Cambridge Art Book Display At The Curiosity Gallery

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The Cambridge Art Book Display At The Curiosity Gallery has started!

The Cambridge Art Book, edited by Emma Bennett, is a compilation of art works by some of the fabulously talented artists of Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.  Emma first had the idea on a train to London, followed by the thought, ‘I wonder if I can make it happen’… She could and did.  The result is a lovely book, easy to hold in the hand, and a joy to browse through.

The book is prefaced with plaudits by well known public figures: Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley, and Claudia Winkleman, as well as important figures from the academic world of Cambridge: Dame Fiona Reynolds and Jackie Ashley.  Even the patron of arts, Sir David King has complimented the book with the words, ” A stunning, contemporary look at the City of Cambridge…”

We thought it would be fun to display book and art in The Curiosity Gallery. We have created a window display of the books and of prints featured in the book.  Featured artists include A. Brown, N. Davies, M.Lindsay, M. Mace, P. Margiotta,  C. Phillips, R. De Rond, S. Villers… and some yet to join the exhibition.    Watch our window, to see an interesting selection of Cambridge art.

Cambridgeshire is a beautiful place of big skies and a rich, flat land tapestry, in the middle of which sits one of them most beautiful cities in the UK. Add to this the interesting, quirky market towns steeped in history, like St Ives.  It is a wonderful place to be an artist, and not surprisingly, Cambridgeshire is home to much artistic talent.  This book is an introduction to a little of it.


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