In September 2012 The Curiosity Gallery Openend in St Ives. The Curiosity Gallery.

The excitement was as immense, and what followed was fantastic. Thank you St Ives!

It has been a great six years, and closing our doors has been as sad for us as it has been for St Ives.

On 28 July 2018, The Curiosity Gallery closed the door at 5.00pm and hasn’t re-opened.


We will continue to sell cards on our website.  We will no longer accept framing.

You are most welcome to contact us by email:

We would like to write more about why we took the decision to close. For now it is enough to say, Jacqueline is expecting a baby any day, and is currently on maternity leave from employment of any kind.

Thank you to everyone who ever shopped with us.

Please keep shopping with any and every high street shop.