What’s In A Picture Frame? Cleaning A Framed Picture

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What’s In A Picture Frame?

The answer is very often a picture, in a faded card mount surround with a generous helping of squashed insects splattered liberally.

If this is a description applicable to any of the framed pictures in your home, what to do about it?

1) Don’t look

2) Bin the picture. Do you really want to do this? You probably loved it once

3) Clean it

4) Choose a new mount, possibly in a really different colour (but remember you won’t want to reach for the sunglasses every time you look at the picture

5) Bring the picture into The Curiosity Gallery and play with mounts and frames

Option 1 – Don’t Look

It works. Not sure what it will do for your aesthetic sensibilities in the long run, but it won’t be life threatening.

Option 2 – Bin the pictures

Sometimes there is no other choice. Don’t rush to do it. Regret is long lasting.

Option 3 – Clean it

You can either take it into a picture framer to do it for you, or have a go yourself. If you do it yourself, just be careful, and take your time. Glass and the tools you will need, are not without risk.

The steps for cleaning a framed picture frame are as follows.

1) Put an old towel or similar down on a clean table top. You are putting the towel down to try to avoid scratches to the frame front, and to stop the picture sliding about.

2) Place the picture front side down on the towel.

3) Remove the grotty old tape from the frame back

4) Carefully, using a non-sharp tool, lever up the hooks. (These were probably under the tape). These are the hooks that hold the picture frame together.

5) Lift out the picture and mount, and gently, with a dry, clean cloth dust them over. Make sure the backing is clean too.

6) Hoover up, using a soft non-scratch brush, the shower of dead insects, and dirt. Hoover the inside glass of the frame which is now exposed, carefully.

7) Polish the glass inside of the frame, – carefully and thoroughly to avoid cuts, breakages and smears.

8) At this point take a good long look at the mount. It may be very stained and need replacement, or if you’re lucky it will be ok and be placed back in the frame

9) Put the picture in the frame front, add the back and secure one hook on each side to hold the frame and picture securely together.

10) Now, turn the frame over so it is front side up, and take a long, slow and hard look accross the picture inside the frame. Do you see any specs dirt, insects, or anything that shouldn’t be there? Repeat the above process if you do.

11) If it looks good inside the frame, clip down the rest of the hooks, and tape over the hooks with framer’s tape

12) Hang back on the wall and admire your good work!

Option 4 – Choose a new mount

Visit us, or a framer near you and experiment with different colours around your picture.  The mount can make it look very different.

Option 5 – Bring the picture into The Curiosity Gallery and play with mounts and frames

You’ll enjoy it!

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